Outdoor Area

An outdoor area provides young children with one of the best possible environments in which to learn. The joy and excitement children experience playing in a well planned and well resourced outdoor area with experienced practitioners can be a highlight of their day.

We have a secure, all weather outdoor play area which allows children to

  • enjoy physical play and the sense of freedom and well-being it brings
  • understand the importance of physical activity for good health and fitness
  • develop spatial awareness and how to share space safely with others
  • move confidently with increasing control and imagination
  • develop co-ordination and control of body actions by using equipment; playing games; walking along chalk lines, rope pathways, small balancing beams, climbing equipment, and stepping stones; building using large equipment, and carrying heavier objects

Our play area is well resourced with play materials that can be adapted and used in different ways to ensure outdoor learning has a positive impact on children’s well-being and development. Outdoor learning activities compliment indoor learning and play an important role supporting the development of a healthy and active lifestyle; therefore whether it’s rain or shine, children have plenty of protection from the elements to continue enjoying activities in our outdoor area.


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