We recognise the importance of our role to the development of knowledge necessary to help children make healthier food choices. We understand the importance of nutrition in the early years of life, as a child’s diet can be an important influence on their health now and in the future as good nutrition choices in childhood can help protect against dental decay and chronic diseases in later life.

Our experienced, qualified cook promotes healthy eating and serves healthy meals from our in-house kitchen based on the fifth floor of our premises. Our food is sourced from premium suppliers to ensure food served to children is fresh and of high quality. 

Staff outside the kitchen also contribute to childhood nutrition at Kingsland nursery. Practitioners promote our positive culture in several ways ranging from introducing children to a wider selection of foods to promoting healthy snacks and establishing good table manners.

“Hygienic handling of food including preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage”

Food Safety Officer

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