Baby Room

Our baby room is an enabling environment enriched with resources designed to promote children’s learning and development. Every child is unique and through strong support from our practitioners, who focus on individual interests and needs of children, we develop their language skills, social, creative and intellectual skills through play. Play underpins our approach to learning and development. For some, play is natural and spontaneous while others need extra help. Our practitioners understand children are unique and learn at different rates, therefore staff focus on developing positive relationships so children can be confident, independent, self-assured and build their learning over time.

We recognise the role physical activities play in a child’s all-round development at this age and encourage the children’s physical development through a variety of opportunities to be active. Through playful learning we provide opportunities in both indoor and outdoor environments, to support children develop their stability, co-ordination, positional awareness and more to provide a foundation for developing healthy bodies and learn to control both their fine and gross motor skills.

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